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MintHR is ideal for any organization that needs to record and capture employee and organization related information. It’s a simple and nimble HR software that is easy to use, efficient and can help streamline HR operations without being cumbersome to use

  • It’s all under your control- access levels, completely customizable modules, right to the smallest detail of adding or deleting fields. Simplified interface= Zero training needed
  • Caters to all stake holders with a web version for HR and admin teams to run everyday operations smoothly and a mobile app version available for employees
  • Fulfill all your compliance and reporting needs, including attendance reports, configuring leaves and tracking employee data real time
  • Engage employees with on demand wellness and wellbeing activities
  • A versatile HRIS with features like bulk upload, API integration, excel exports making it easy for both first time HRIS users or those moving from existing system to MintHR

Employees can access MintHR through a desktop interface as well as a mobile application

Yes, our team is here to support you in any way we can to ensure a smooth adoption of MintHR. From assisting with bulk upload, API integration to any physical assistance needed our team is happy to help you throughout your engagement with us.

Access can be enabled for all employees and defined as per role. Various views like super admin, admin, employee only can be activated as determined by business and organization requirements

It is the most cost effective solution in the market! Click here for a demo or sales query. 

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